Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sunflower mistake

Did anyone see the front page of Wednesday's Sunflower? It said there was an article on page 10 about class-tracking for athletes. I was looking all over page 10 for the article and it was actually on page 9. It's not a huge mistake, but a mistake all the same.

Friday, September 29, 2006

A bad, funny headline

Also from page 4A of Friday's Eagle:

Study links pregnancy risks to weight gain
What does this headline mean? If you gain weight, you're at greater risk to get pregnant?

Another example of bad writing

From an AP story of the Colorado shooting that appeared on page 4A of Friday's Eagle (emphasis added):

Morrison selected six girls as hostages and sexually assaulted at least some of them, authorities and witnesses said Thursday.
The story is about the sheriff defending his decision to enter the Colorado high school to capture the man who was holding several girls hostage. One girl ended up dead because of his decision.

It should have been written that he "assualted some of them" not "at least some of them." The "at least" adds doubt and a little bit of absurdity to the story. It makes it sound like the sheriff was justifying his decision because Morrison "assulted at least some of them," but he's not sure.

It would have sounded better if "at least" had been followed by a number, not by "some." To summarize, this is a bad paraphrase.

Rolling Stones Concert

It may come as a surprise to some, as I see by Nicole's post this morning, but The Eagle's article regarding the fact that the Rolling Stones concert is not sold out is no big surprise to me. Although the Stones are world-famous, I just don't think Wichita's demographics make up a huge fan base.

As an older student, I've never been a big fan of the Stones, and as such, the concert hold no appeal for me. I also think that because it an older band, it's popularity has decreased. The concert program most likely will consist of their hits, and if you are truly a Stones fan, you probably have already seen them in concert.

Furthermore, the fact that the concert is to be held at Cessna Stadium rather than the Kansas Coliseum speaks volumes. Obviously, the planners did not anticipate a huge turnout.

For all you Rolling Stones fans out there, I'm not knocking them. They're phenominal. History speaks for itself. But who wants to pay to see some 60-year-olds gyrating around the stage, acting like twenty-somethings? No thanks...I'll wait for Tim McGraw!!!

serving readers

I am still thinking about our Tuesday discussion. Although I agree with the speaker on many topics, I do not when it comes to the lenght of the sentences. I am talking about The Eagle specifically. On many occassions I couldn't understand their leads because they have tons of information. I am not saying we should strictlly stick to 25 words per sentence but we should not have more than two ideas in it either.

Funny Headline

I was reading the news online today and was albe to relate to the copy editor who came to speak to our class the other day. The headline was "Who can resist an oversized hole?" It is not that outrageous but funny nonetheless. It was the title of a story about a golf course that had just hired a new greenskeeper and obviously it was a man who was not trained in the job because instead of cutting a 4 inch hole he cut a 4 foot hole that led to 63 hole-in-one's on the day.

Stones not sold out

I was just wondering if anyone else is as surprised as I am that the Rolling Stones concert is no where near sellout and obviously won't be by the time the conert rolls around on Sunday. I am really curious as to why this is and was wondering if anyone else had any opinions? I am not a fan but I just assumed that the name value and the very rare opportunity that Wichita was given in holding this concert, that it would be a bigger deal and sell out. Granted it is a very big deal on our campus because it has bascially shut things down, but I don't think that it stretches out past 21st and Hillside. Any thoughts?

Colorado shooting

This shooting was a disturbing wake up call for me. It reminded me of the Columbine incident. I hadn't heard of a school shooting in a while and I forgot how scary it can be. My younger brother and sister are in high school and it terrifs me to think this could happen at their school. The man who sexually assualted and killed these girls deserves the death penalty. I thought schools would have learned after Columbine to better protect their students but the incidents continue to happen. I am sure schools are doing everything they can and there are just some sick people out there that slip under the radar.

Local Gangs Turn to Prostitution

I read an article in the Sunday Eagle that dealt with the topic of young runaway girls being taken advantage of by local gangs. The runaways are being raped by men and driven to cities to be part of prostitution rings. If you think about it these young girls have no one to turn to on the streets and if they get caught up with the wrong people then the worse can happen. The girls are forced into prostituion for money. Gangs are using this as income flow rather than deal with the violence of drug dealing. I heard about this topic a while ago when a younger member of my extended family ran away from home and was caught up in the prositution ring. She was taken as far away as California. This is a real situation that is happening more often than not.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

So I don't normally read the Wichita "Business Today" section of the Eagle, but I did today and realized why I don't normally. What about the Rolling Stones requesting coffee is business-related? Also, I was very confused when I read the headline "FEMA awards Corporate Lodging." Maybe they meant to say "rewards?" Like they rewarded the business for being friends with someone important? Anyway, the headline didn't make sense. "FEMA hires Corporate Lodging for $1.9 million". That would at least make me want to read what they paid that much money for.
My opinion on "Oprah for President"...

I think people are looking for someone that they can identify with and someone who cares about them. Oprah obviously gives people, I think mostly women, that feeling. This is something they desire in a leader and they obviously feel there is a lack of in the country's current leadership. Of course, Oprah devotees are like a quasi cult.

Actually reminds me of the folks who wanted Dolly Parton to run for president several years ago. Maybe it was the big hair? Right.

Neighbors East Section

I am kind of mixed on the Neighbors East section of the paper. I like it because it has a lot of local flavor, and some of it has a lot of emotional value. People could read these articles and like it because it profiles a lot of Wichita things. However, I just don't care about some of the things they write about. Such as the visually impaired radio show about the woman who reads the paper on the air. It is written well, but it doesn't have a lot of entertainment value. It is very tacky, and very small-town like.

Neighbors East Section

I am kind of mixed on the Neighbors East section of the paper. I like it because it has a lot of local flavor, and some of it has a lot of emotional value. People could read these articles and like it because it profiles a lot of Wichita things. However, I just don't care about some of the things they write about. Such as the visually impaired radio show about the woman who reads the paper on the air. It is written well, but it doesn't have a lot of entertainment value. It is very tacky, and very small-town like.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Blackboard Story

I am not very happy about how my Blackboard story in The Sunflower turned out. That's right. I'm not happy about my own story.

A couple of things first: I hate the headline "A Lack of Usage." It makes my story sound more cynical than it is. Also, I had a quote by Laurel Scott in the original draft of this story. Instead, now she's only talked about, but she isn't quoted. Why include her, then? It makes the whole lead completely pointless and makes me look dumb.

I wanted it to be more in depth and informative. Instead, I managed to churn out something benign and banal. It makes me angry and I feel embarrassed.

If you read the story carefully, it has no direction. It's wishy-washy.

The story was supposed to have been about how many teachers don't use Blackboard, but I managed to only find ones who did. On top of that, after talking to Mike Wood, I found that instructor Blackboard usage is increasing, not decreasing.

I wanted the story to be more fact-based than student opinion-based. With no numbers, though, I was stuck with hearsay. I wanted more substance. It's not there.

Of course, The Sunflower needed the story at deadline and no one who could have given me the information I wanted was available before the deadline. It's not a timely story and the editor could have chosen to run the story when it had more substance, but he didn't. And I'm suffering for it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I find it kind of funny that people keep trying to elect celebrities for government positions. I'm sure we all knew before and especially know now that electing Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governeour of CA was a big mistake. Now somebody is trying to get Oprah to run for President. What is wrong with this country?!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Did anyone else read the article titled "Wife testifies husband talked often of shooting stepson" in the Eagle today? Besides having a bad headline, the first few paragraphs were so confusing and oddly-worded that I had to re-read them a few times.

Monday, September 18, 2006

two topics

Well, I will keep up with the sex issuesin inThe Suflower. How do you like the new format? Do you think most of the readership oppose this kind of column or support it.
Another topic concerns the Eagle. I already posted this two times on the wrong blog - The Eagle likes to jump its stories (esspecialy the business ones) to the page before the one with the story. Is that OK? It doesn't look good to me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Sunflower: It's PORN-tastic!

I was shocked when I opened the Sept. 11 issue of The Sunflower and found a softcore porn ad for Jezebel's. First, The Sunflower publishes an explicit column about oral sex, now it's publishing porn. Maybe The Sunflower could add a centerfold to future issues.

I'm not impressed with the paper for publishing stuff like this. Maybe someone could use a bit of discretion? More people read the paper than just free speech loving college students. I'm glad I don't send the paper to my grandparents or even my parents.

Oh, if you didn't see the ad and you're curious, click here. Yeah, it may seem hypocritical of me to do this, but this is the internet. It's not the school paper.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fall 2006 WSU Rim Rats

Fall 2006 WSU Rim Rats

We hope to get thing going this week — finally! Please add your comments.