Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Blackboard Story

I am not very happy about how my Blackboard story in The Sunflower turned out. That's right. I'm not happy about my own story.

A couple of things first: I hate the headline "A Lack of Usage." It makes my story sound more cynical than it is. Also, I had a quote by Laurel Scott in the original draft of this story. Instead, now she's only talked about, but she isn't quoted. Why include her, then? It makes the whole lead completely pointless and makes me look dumb.

I wanted it to be more in depth and informative. Instead, I managed to churn out something benign and banal. It makes me angry and I feel embarrassed.

If you read the story carefully, it has no direction. It's wishy-washy.

The story was supposed to have been about how many teachers don't use Blackboard, but I managed to only find ones who did. On top of that, after talking to Mike Wood, I found that instructor Blackboard usage is increasing, not decreasing.

I wanted the story to be more fact-based than student opinion-based. With no numbers, though, I was stuck with hearsay. I wanted more substance. It's not there.

Of course, The Sunflower needed the story at deadline and no one who could have given me the information I wanted was available before the deadline. It's not a timely story and the editor could have chosen to run the story when it had more substance, but he didn't. And I'm suffering for it.


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