Monday, October 09, 2006

Bad cartoon

I was looking over last Wednesday's Sunflower and noticed there was a cartoon pretty much bashing Sunflower readers. The headline in the cartoon reads "to those of you who like to attack our jornalists for their opinions , I did not pull this out of nowhere" and it continues with a textbook definition of a newspaper and a comment. As many of you probably know, the Sunflower doens't have a good reputation on campus. Which is something I know the Sunflower is working on. But attacking the readers with this cartoon doesn't make everything right; each person is entitled to his/her own opinion. From an editorial stand point, I wouldn't have run the cartoon. Not only do I think it makes the Sunflower look bad, the cartoon is basically egging people on and giving them more reasons to hate the Sunflower. I'm curious what everyone else thinks...


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