Monday, October 09, 2006

Confusing headline

I thought the October 4 headline just below the fold on the front page of the Sunflower was confusing. The idea of the story is that a WSU Shoctoberfest promotion allows people to trade in merchandise from other colleges for a discount on WSU items. The headline: "Bookstore trades in gear for school spirit," didn't make any sense to me at all until I read the article. The bookstore isn't trading anything in -- people can come to the bookstore to do trades. And the trade is from "gear" to "school spirit" which doesn't make the picture any clearer. The headline should make it clear that people can trade merchandise from other colleges in for a discount on WSU stuff, not confuse readers. Granted, a headline like that might be difficult to come up with, but I just really thought this one was confusing. I think something like, "Students trade gear for bookstore discount" would have been clearer.


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