Friday, October 13, 2006

Neighbors West

I caught a few errors in Thursday's "Neighbors West" section. The article "Fighting blight with home ownership," talks about promoting home ownership. Can someone tell me why realtor is spelled with a capital 'R' throughout the entire story?

On page 3F, there's a section devoted to yesterday in history. Some of these stories, albeit somewhat interesting, seem poorly written, and/or contain spelling errors; i.e. '52 years ago' with abortion missing the 's.' The story about Mike Oatman uses the phrase 'Our Town,' and the phrase is capitalized. What's this about?


Blogger Michael Roehrman said...

Hey DaNene,

Realtor is a service mark and AP calls for capitalization. To be honest, it's not a rule I'm fond of, but my irritation isn't a strong enough reason for me to issue a contrary rule.

As for Yesterday in History, The Eagle's news associates pull those articles from our archives and the copy desk tries to leave them alone. I often cringe when reading them, but they are as they appeared the first time.


10/15/2006 4:22 PM  

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