Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Terminal Issue

On my way to work this morning I heard on the radio that the plans for the new airport terminal were going to be cut so that the cost would stay at the original $150 million that was proposed earlier this year. When I arrived at work I read on about the issue and the reasons that things were being cut out of the plan and the reasons to why it may be justified that we get a new terminal in the first place. As a frequent flyer in and out of Wichita's airport I do see serious need for rennovations. However, $150-184 million dollars worth is not what I would call necessary. Wichita is a major aviation hub and it is surprising that the airport looks and functions the way it does considering all that we have here in regard to aviation and the industry. But, having giant parking garages and multi-level ticketing areas isn't necessary.


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