Monday, October 09, 2006

Opinion in People

I had a little chuckle after reading "Chef dishes it out" on page 2A of the October 9 Eagle. This little story is about how demanding Walter Cronkite is, according to his former private chef, Terri Schwab. Schwab complains that "It's all about Walter," and continues, "It's dinner for four at 6:30, then it turns into dinner for six, then dinner for eight. 'Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir,' that's the answer."

After this sore quotation, the journalist who wrote this blurb finishes out the story, writing, "To which one wonders, isn't that what a privat chef is supposed to do?" Are you chuckling? Well, I thought it was funny, maybe you have to read the whole thing for yourself.

My question, though, is whether or not reporters are supposed to insert those tidbits that are oozing with opinion. This story wasn't just the news, it wasn't just reported; it was reported with the perspective of the one writing it. If you would like to respond, I really am curious if this was right or wrong. But right or wrong, I enjoyed it, and I think that chef should pursue another career.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to know of the infamous "Cronkite chef" Terry Schwab and I certainly wouldn't call her tenure torture. More like a fantasy job!
I know of numerous luxuries she enjoyed while she was being tortured! Ha!
I certainly had a great chuckle myself! After an elaborate party the tortured chef threw unbenounced to Walter and Betsy, I’m sure, I slept in their bed!!!!!!
Along with sailing on their yacht also unbenounced to them…
I am merely an acquaintance and I benefited from Walter torturing Terry Schwab!
It will be interesting to see if anyone finds this sad story saleable!

10/13/2006 12:54 AM  

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