Monday, October 30, 2006

Safe Rider: WSU next taxi service for students

Now that the sunflower has covered the Safe Rider issue at SGA, the Friday, Oct. 27 Sunflower edition article on Safe Rider was rather interesting to read. The article does not mention what Safe Rider is or what it does? The article was also inconsistent with the spelling of Safe Rider?
One thing which I did not appreciate about the article was that information was wrong. Safe rider first came to SGA and asked for $25,000 for the current fiscal year. The student fees committee reduced the amount to $22,500. The senate body had too many questions which were not answered. This led to the funding of Safe Rider being sent to the Campus Issue committee. That committee then recommended the amount of $27,000 for Safe Rider to continue which was approved by 19-5-5.
If you are going to right an article using figures make sure you are doing it accurate since SGA does fund the Sunflower and if they decide to reduce the funding for the sunflower they could!!


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