Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Sunflower: A miniature Eagle?

I have a situation. Well, two, actually. For one, I'm super behind on this blogger thing, so I've got to catch up. The second is that I don't agree with some of my editor's decisions. I received a text message this morning from him, asking me if I'd seen the front page of today's Eagle. They ran a CP story on WSU recruitment, and now I am being asked to write something like it for the Sunflower. I do not agree. The Eagle already ran a story; we shouldn't push the line of plagiarism. The Sunflower is under enough scrutiny at this point, I think. We do not need to be known as a mini-Eagle, always catching the news later than they run it. I understand the need to report everything relevant to WSU students in our paper, but this story was more of a feature than anything and shouldn't be run in the paper. Look for it in Wednesday's Sunflower.


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