Monday, October 23, 2006

Television break-ups...funny or sad?

I always enjoy Denise Neil's columns. They make me laugh, they make me...laugh. I guess that's all there is to it. Although, her column, "More tragic tales of TV love gone bad" from Sunday's Eagle made me think and laugh. That's a nice change, I guess.
This column is sort of a follow-up to an earlier column she wrote about "breaking up" with one of her favorite television shows (Survivor, if I remember correctly). In Sunday's column, she writes about more tragic break-ups, and how various people are managing life without shows that were once so critical to them.
I'm not sure that this is how TV should be. Does everyone need to be in a serious relationship with a sit-com? How did this media become so crucial in our lives? I look at myself: I have been an avid watcher of Gilmore Girls for several years, and it is the only hour of television I watch faithfully from week to week (of course, I watch more than one hour per week, it's just random). I don't consider myself a TV junkie, but what is normal? I have one friend who hardly watched TV at all --she's too busy reading, gardening and having stirring conversations with her fiance. I wonder what our society would be like without all the entertainment.
What would happen if I broke up with cable? What if I broke up with the whole electronic box? I can hardly imagine what life would be like.


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