Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Eagle errors/poor writing

In Tuesday's Local & State section of The Wichita Eagle, there's a few errors.

The article on front page regarding the Cheever case could have been written better. For example, the third paragraph, second sentence reads: "He's accused of shooting Samuels as he tried to serve a search warrant... The way this is written sounds like Cheever attempted to serve search warrant.

Furthermore, when Cooper is quoted responded to Judge Belot, it reads...'she replied, "No, your honor." The reporter/editor should have capitalized "Your Honor." Cooper is addressing a judge, considered a revered person.

Also, Page 3B contains an article regarding cold weather and fires. One sentence reads that a fire was started because a man was smoking while using oxygen. Duh! Should make some reference to an oxygen tank, etc.


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