Saturday, November 04, 2006

Front page choices

After reading the October 23 Sunflower, I realized that I don't understand why some stories make the front page while other don't. In some cases, the reasons for the choices are clear, but with this issue, I became particularly curious.

There is a story on page three called, "Drug policy harms college students" which I thought was incredibly interesting, and which may affect a number of WSU students. This article would have been a better choice for the front page, in my opinion, than the "Group starts publication," story or the "Young adults reluctant to leave the nest" story (or a couple others, although I really enjoyed the story about the archeology students traveling to Leon, KS for a dig).

I started to wonder, is there a certain protocol to follow when deciding what is front page news? Other than finding stories that affect a lot of people, or are timely, what merits the front page?


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