Monday, November 27, 2006

RE: Reuben Eckels

Yes, there was a story in The Sunflower a little bit ago focusing on Reuben Eckels and his accusations.

Just a few comments about the articles I've read regarding this matter:

None of the articles that I have read outside The Sunflower mention that Eckels is a minister with his own church. I think the fact that he's been getting so much attention regarding something that, according to WSU, the university is already trying to work on is a bit duboius.

According to Dr. Cheryl Adams, he decided not to pursue the position for director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs because he wanted to focus more on his church. Now he's getting the publicity he wants.

He's not wrong about the lack of ethnic professors and faculty, because he's not. The numbers speak for themselves. However, I doubt his motive and his timing.


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