Monday, November 20, 2006

Space for Rainbows story

In the November 14 edition of The Eagle, the front page of the Local and State section has a big story called, "Space for Rainbows." I enjoyed this whole page, but it was the headline that drew me into it. The photos are good, but they are also common; I see pictures of children in a school-like settings fairly frequently. The headline confused and interested me, while the smaller headline, "Koch gift will help build a new center," explains enough to get me into the photo captions.

After seeing the Rainbows student in the wheelchair, I am interested enough to find out what Rainbows is all about, and I start reading the lead. I thought the design worked well on this page, and the headlines worked well with the design and the story. This seems like a great example of all the elements of a newspaper working together to provide interested readers with a good story, and also draw in those people who otherwise would not have had an interest in it.


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