Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sunflower opinion page

I have an issue with the Sunflower's opinion page. Yes, I understand the articles are the columnist's opinions, but I feel like certain people use this page to bitch. I know many people read the opinion page because we constantly get phone calls about how bad the articles on the page are. I think columnists should have to at least write about something that has to do with WSU or an issue on campus. Editorials are a great invention, the Sunflower should think about using them. Columnists could present a problem, do research on the issue and present a solution. Lets take Safe Ride for example. A columnist could have easily written an editorial on if SGA should or should not fund Safe Ride. From what I understand, SGA members had opposite opinions on funding Safe Ride. Safe Ride funding would have made for a great editorial because it literally affects every person on campus whether they drink or not. It affects them if they drink, it affects them if they know a person who drinks and it affects them if they drive. Overall, I think the opinion page sucks. Editorials should be introduced to the opinion staff.


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