Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wichitan woman makes new friend

I know that writers at the Eagle justify this sort of thing by saying that they are a local paper, but it still really bothers me. Sunday's front page stories are about a drop in crime (okay,) young drivers (should've been local and state) and a woman who made a new friend at a nursing home (seriously... that's front page news?) As I have started to read the paper more, I have learned that to find what's really going on in the nation and the world, I must turn a few pages in. Sure enough, on 4A I find that nations are uniting against N. Korea and that fighting is spreading to the North in Iraq. I understand that the Iraq war has been going on for some time, and is probably not always front page-worthy, but it's the story below these other two that really got me. "Nintendo expects less dramatic launch for Wii." Seriously? That's how the Eagle rates the other two stories: slightly more important to be above the Nintendo story on 4A? Come on, Wichita Eagle.


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