Friday, December 08, 2006

Shockers gain national attention

I just wanted to say that when I came to WSU for my recruiting trip back in January of 2003, never did I think that the Shocker basketball program would be where it is today. I also did not think that I would be working so closely with them and seeing day in and day out just how big of a deal they have become.
I work in media relations in the athletic department and let me tell you, ever since WSU beat George Mason the phone rings more and more everyday. For the Syracuse game we had reporters calling everyday wanting to get information and do stories about WSU coming up there to play, and now that we've beaten them as well, let's just say there is not a dull moment in the office. Now every single game is a big deal, and people from all over the country want to know about us.
The Shockers reaching the Top 10 is truly something special and whether you get to view all the excitment from my perspective or not, everyone should be excited for what is in store as we head into conference play. Go Shox!


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